Panty liners benefits and side effects

Like periods, vaginal discharge and urine leakage is the biggest problem of women’s routine life.If you use panty liners then you can easily deal with such problems. It helps in maintaining cleanliness and prevents mess throughout the day. To know more about the side effects and benefits of panty liners dive deep into this blog.

About Panty Liners

Pantyliners, like pads, are also affixed to the underwear with a small strip. Pads are usually wider than panty liners and can absorb regular discharge and a small amount of blood.Pantyliners are mostly used when there is less fluid than heavy blood flow. The market is full of an array of Panty Liner options.

A waterproof Pantyliner is a commonly used liner to captivate minimal urine leakage, vaginal discharge, or slight flow of blood. On the other hand, the rest prevent stains and odours. Some panty liner options include biodegradable, ultra-thin, unscented, scented, winged and reusable liners.

Benefits of Panty Liners

The use of panty liners helps to maintain hygiene in your vaginal area. There are many other benefits of panty liners, let’s discuss them.

  1. Help to maintain intimate cleanliness

Women often have intimate vaginal discharge throughout the completely natural day.Sometimes, it can make you feel irritated, uncomfortable and moist, especially during exercise and workouts. In such a case, a panty liner comes in handy that maintain freshness and hygiene. It can ensure that your vagina can breathe properly and keep dry all day long. It is advised that Panty liner should be changed every three to five hours

  1. It protects from light discharge

Many women experience stains of menstrual blood on their underwear before and after their periods. Pantyliners, in this case, can be a lifesaver during a two to three-day duration. If you experience minimal blood flow or discharge, you can apply adhesive panty liners with tampons or menstrual cups.

  1. Keep Vaginal Safety

Discharge from the vaginal area is a common issue for every woman that can be uncomfortable at times. Using a panty liner saves you from bacteria, vaginal and fungal infections.

  1. Capture Urinary Leakages

It is impossible to regulate your bladder. Wear a panty liner that can prevent you from staining your underwear.

  1. Capture Postpartum Leakage or Flow

Lochia, also known as postpartum leakage can start right after giving birth to a baby. It can last up to 7-8 weeks. Managing lochia can be very difficult for every new mother; to come out from these days, you can use panty liners.

Side Effects of Panty Liners

Everything has benefits and drawbacks, as same with panty liners. Wearing a panty liner during heavy flows can be worse. They are meant to be before and after periods. They can rub against the labia, resulting in irritation, redness, rashes and vaginal infection. Aromatic liners may have harsh chemicals which can increase the risk of vaginal infections.

Final Words:

Panty liners are designed to prevent minimal flow and leakages. Also, they keep you fresh and enables you to feel confident.

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