How To Take Care Of A Wooden Plant Stand

Plants and gardens inside and outside our houses make our environment pure and help us to fight the bacterial infection. Garden and plants are the best corners of apartments or our house. It has a relaxed environment and we feel stress-free when we intake pure oxygen.

Currently, we are facing a pandemic that avoid us to go out. The environment is more polluted than before so planting trees inside the house makes the house environment more beautiful and enthusiastic. Wooden plant stands are nowadays taking trends due to pandemic situations. The wooden products can easily get fungus because termites and plants become infected and die.

Below are some points regarding how to take care of while putting wooden plant stand:

  • Hardwood Material

One should see whether the wood is made of bamboo or not. Bamboo is considered as a wood hard and hollow, so always purchase stands made of bamboo wood they are lightweight in carrying and cannot be broken easily also can’t be easily eaten by termites.  Its hollow nature makes the bacteria absorb and make the environment clean.

  • Protect the stand from pests

Wood is easily attracted by the insects like termites and bugs. We should paint the wooden stand with porcelain and the termite destroying liquid, the heavy smell of the liquid cannot allow termites to us. The odor of the liquid will not harm us, it only damages termites, hence it is safe to use.

  • Continuous inspection

You should inspect the stand once or twice a week so that we can see the plant growth and also see that any insects come to eat the wooden stand. We should keep the contact details of the pest control service agencies within reach so that you can contact them if any needs.

  • Choose a durable wood variety

The better way to preserve wood stands is to buy high-quality wooden plant stands, for example, the stands are made of oak or teak wood so that the stand can be preserved for the long term. The new generation also can use them. This wood has high moisture resistance, and its structures are designed in such a manner that anyone can attract to its structure and appearance.

  • Paint or Stain

Painting the stand with waterproof paint, help the plant to preserve their moisture and will not harm the wooden stand. You can water your plants easily and can be taken care of without damaging the stand.

  • Protecting with outside elements

There are some outside elements that you cannot avoid in contact with the wooden stand like moisture, bacteria, or high heat of sunlight, wind, and rain, especially on the terrace. Varnishing helps to avoid some contact with natural elements. Painting once in two years also helps them to maintain their beauty for years.

  • Flooring the house with wood

If the planted area flooring is designed with wood and carpeted well then the wooden stand looks more attractive and the floor absorbs the major moisture this will protect the stand from a fungal infection, absorb all moisture to avoid decay.

  • Professional Inspection

Always keep the details of the vendor, and chose the best service provider, who can professionally come and inspect the stand for at least 1 year, so that you can better take care of the stands and get knowledge from them.

  • Preserving the wooden Stand

Always pick the raw and dry wooden stands, with high quality, merely purchasing doesn’t matters, we have to preserve them adequately, like cleaning and dusting them, avoid contact with the burning object, keep them away from the reach of children and pets, otherwise, it will cause accidents to your loved ones.


Hence, Plant stands are a more lovely, convenient, and attractive way to display plants. We are spending on them so much, so taking care of them is also a beautiful way to make you energetic, active, and stress-free from your daily routine. Plant stands are not just for outdoor use but also indoors, making your surroundings beautiful and you are helping the mother earth, to go green.

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